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Thread: Bellator 179

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    Bellator 179

    Who you got? I have-

    MacDonald over Daley by decision
    McGeary over Vassall by decision
    Kongo over Sakai by decision
    I'm just hoping for some good fights.

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    Good wins for MacDonald and Vassall. They tried to make up for the absolute garbage that was the Kongo-Sakai fight. Words fail to describe how bad that was. Yikes.
    Fairly good event, all in all. Just make sure to avoid the Kongo fight lol.

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    Yeah McDonald looked awesome. It's a shame he's not in the ufc anymore, he's still a top 5 guy imo. And vassell was impressive too. Kongo wasn't impressive, although he's probably next in line for a title shot. Kongo in a 5 round fight though? Yuck.

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    Absolutely. MacDonald is one of the top guys out there. And unlike some of the other guys Bellator has picked up, he's not on the downside of his career. Nothing against those guys, but MacDonald can say he's one of the best welterweights in the world and no one is going to say "Yeah, right, whatever"
    And yeah, Kongo puts me to sleep just thinking about watching him fight, let alone for 5 rounds lol.

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