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Thread: UFC Fight Night 108

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    UFC Fight Night 108

    Who you got? I have-

    Swanson over Lobov by TKO in 3rd
    Iaquinta over Sanchez by decision
    OSP over De Lima by decision
    Dodson over Wineland by TKO in 2nd
    Everything else I just hope for good fights

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    This is a pretty good card. I reckon itll be full of fun fights. I dont understand the main event though. Swanson and Lobov are on completely different levels. Maybe its Lobov's friendship with McGregor thats gotten him this spot.

    I got
    Swanson by ko in 3
    Iaquinta by dec
    De Lima by ko in 3
    Dodson by ko in 3
    Lauzon by sub in 2
    Perry by ko in 1
    Leites by dec
    Ortiz by dec

    Pretty deep card!

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    I agree on two fronts. This is a deep card, and should have some fun fights.
    I also agree that it makes little sense for Swanson to be fighting Lobov. Swanson is ranked 4th I believe and Lobov isn't in the top 15. A win for Swanson doesn't do anything for him. It's a chance for Lobov to turn heads, though. That's it, it's not like he's super popular or anything. But so be it, I guess.

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    Pretty good event. You could argue that Swanson should have finished him, but Lobov was tough. There's only so much you can do. Iaquinta with the big stoppage and OSP with the nice submission. This was some good stuff. I was disappointed in the Dodson fight, but I guess a dud every so often is fine. And Perry with the vicious elbow to finish Ellenberger was out of nowhere. Diego and Ellenberger need to just retire. They've taken too much abuse and you start to worry about their long-term health.

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