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Thread: Bisping vs. Woodley catchweight 180lb. fight?

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    Bisping vs. Woodley catchweight 180lb. fight?

    What would your interest level be in this fight, if it were to happen?

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    Pretty low, to be honest. I'd rather they defend their titles. Its not like theyve cleared out their divisions. Bisping has Romero, Jacare, and Rockhold waiting for him. And Woodle has Thompson, Maia, and Lawler.

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    I agree. There's too many guys who are in line for title shots. If they had beaten all comers and there was no clear contenders, then fine, but they've each defended their belt once. Once. It would be crazy to have them fight now. Why hold up two divisions for a fight that isn't even going to draw huge buyrates? And at catchweight?
    There's no upside to this, in my opinion.

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    Well, looks like this is off. For now, at least, as Woodley says he's fighting Thompson. That's the right move in my opinion. I agree with Thompson getting the rematch but also that Woodley needs to defend his title in his next fight, same with Bisping.

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