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UFC 152 "JONES VS. BELFORT" RESULTS: Penick's live round by round report for Toronto event
Sep 22, 2012 - 11:50:39 PM
UFC 152 "JONES VS. BELFORT" RESULTS: Penick's live round by round report for Toronto event

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012

=====Facebook Preliminary Card Quick Results=====

--Kyle Noke def. Charlie Brenneman via TKO at :45 of the first round
--Mitch Gagnon def. Walel Watson via submission (rear naked choke) at 1:09 of the first round
--Seth Baczynski def. Simeon Thoresen via KO at 4:10 of the first round

=====FX Preliminary Card=====

-Prior to the kick off to the FX prelims, Dana White tweeted that "the most in-depth interview" with Jon Jones will air during the prelims broadcast. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan opened the FX broadcast with a look at tonight's main event. They plugged the interview between Rogan and Jones for later in the show. Next up was a look at the Flyweight Championship in tonight's co-main event. Now to the fights. After an exciting Facebook portion of the card, here's hoping that continues through the rest of the night!


ROUND ONE: Brimage circled around the outside, popping in first with a few strikes. He dropped Hettes with a right. Hettes recovered and popped back. He got tagged again but didn't go down. Hettes tried to close the distance, but Brimage avoided the shot and rans to the other side of the cage to reset. He pressed Hettes back with a few strikes. Hettes landed a knee. Brimage landed a few more strikes. Brimage kicked out Hettes back leg from him, but Hettes popped up. Brimage landed a few more flurries to the body as Hettes backed away. Brimage dropped Hettes again, but got into his guard. Hettes went for a triangle, but Brimage stood up and made him stand. Brimage continued lighting Hettes up on the feet, but then Hettes landed a good knee. He connected on an uppercut and a few strikes. Hettes landed a right hand. Both fighters landed strikes. Brimage again caught Hettes with a few strikes. Brimage continued getting the better of exchanges, though Hettes connected on a few strikes himself. Hettes landed a left, then got tagged with one. Hettes landed a couple of strikes that backed Brimage up. They started swinging wildly. Brimage was tiring himself out with the big swinging strikes, but the fight soldiered on. Hettes landed a strike as the round ended. Crazy start to the fight.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Brimage. He dropped Hettes a couple of times, and was landing at a much higher rate, but Hettes came back in the final minute and a half.

ROUND TWO: Hettes missed a head kick, and ate a series of uppercuts from Brimage because of it. Hettes continued moving forward, eating strikes from Brimage as he slowly walked in. Hettes grabbed a hold of Brimage and scored a nice takedown into side control, then tied Brimage up. Brimage tried to scramble, then ate a couple of elbows. Hettes tried to roll through, but Brimage scrambled out and to his feet. Hettes landed a jumping knee, then scored another takedown into side control. Hettes tried to roll through, then took Brimage's back with a body triangle. Brimage got out of the body triangle, but Hettes stayed on him and regained the body triangle. Hettes continued trying to set up the choke, but Brimage defended well. Hettes tried to move to mount, but Brimage kicked out and got to his feet. Brimage landed a good left. Hettes landed a good jab, then shot in, but got stuffed. Hettes closed the distance again, but Brimage held him off. Brimage landed a few body punches. Brimage tried to rush in with a crazy combo at the end, but only landed a kick to the body late.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Hettes. Much of the round was spent on the ground with him in control to even things up into the third.

ROUND THREE: Hettes through a high knee early as Brimage rushed in. Brimage landed a couple of decent leg kicks. Hettes tried to engage, but got cracked by a few strikes. Brimage was landing to the head and body. Brimage continued throwing several strikes for every one thrown by Hettes. Hettes tried to get a hold of Brimage, but had trouble getting through. He continued pressing forward, though, landing strikes as he took them. Brimage landed a couple of nice lefts, but Hettes continued moving through them. Brimage landed another hard left after Hettes missed a takedown attempt. Brimage landed several more strikes. Brimage again stuffed another takedown. Hettes was running out of time, and didn't show much urgency. Brimage landed another leg kick. Hettes landed a right. They squared off swinging as the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Brimage. He gained a second wind, continued his much higher rate of punches thrown, held off the takedowns, and should take a clear decision here. Hettes' hype train has been derailed in a big way.

WINNER: Brimage via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**) Sloppy, sloppy fight, but fun at times throughout. Hettes had a lot of hype coming in after the Nam Phan fight and with his undefeated record, and this was just a poor performance. Yes, he can take a punch, but he didn't fight well, couldn't get the submission in the second, and clearly lost a decision.

-Jon Jones' interview with Joe Rogan aired. Rogan asked him about the DWI, and he said he was embarrassed more for his family and supporters than for himself. He said his DWI "set him free" from fan expectations. He said he wasn't doing himself justice by trying to be a golden boy. He said it was a terrible decision to get behind the wheel after drinking, but in trying to find the positives he felt it "set him free" from those expectations. He called all the setbacks and negativities chances for himself to grow as a man.


ROUND ONE: Benoist landed a couple of early punches and kicks. Pierson closed the distance and grabbed for a clinch, but Benoist circled him around and after a short time broke free. Benoist landed a hard body kick, then a leg kick shortly thereafter. Benoist landed a couple more kicks and strikes, then got dropped by Pierson. Benoist got to his feet, but Pierson kept the pressure on as the crowd chanted his name. Benoist recovered in the clinch. Pierson backed off. Benoist landed a few more kicks and strikes. Pierson caught a leg kick and dropped Benoist. He landed some strikes on the bottom. Benoist went for a triangle, then an armbar, but Pierson got to his guard. Benoist got an omoplata, but Pierson got out and made him stand. Benoist landed a couple strikes. A "let's go Pierson" chant broke out from his home crowd. Pierson landed a hard left hook as Benoist grabbed a clinch and Benoist stumbled back a bit. Pierson tried to capitalize, but Benoist clinched and recovered. He landed a knee on the break. Benoist missed a few punches, Pierson landed. Benoist landed a leg kick before the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Pierson. He hurt Benoist a few times in the round, and landed a lot more strikes overall.

ROUND TWO: Pierson landed a good counter right as Benoist landed a strike. Pierson connected on a nice short flurry as Benoist grabbed a clinch. Benoist landed with a right. He landed a left then Pierson came over the top with the counter-right. Pierson landed a good jab. Benoist landed a hard leg kick. He ducked under a punch and went for a takedown, but Pierson wound up on top. Benoist turned to his knees. Pierson controlled the positioning, but Benoist got to his feet. Benoist stumbled as he jumped in, but he popped back up. Benoist tried to clinch after taking a couple of punches, but Pierson got loose. He then landed a nice right. Benoist landed a nice flurry, but Pierson kept coming forward. Benoist landed a solid body kick. Pierson landed another strike. Benoist got in a leg kick then stuffed a takedown as the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Pierson. More output once again from Pierson, and Benoist just can't get going in this one.

ROUND THREE: Benoist landed a few kicks early on, then Pierson got in a good counter. Benoist went back to the kicks, but landed a nice counter when Pierson caught one. Pierson connected on a left. They traded strikes. They each landed punches once again in an exchange. Benoist landed an elbow standing. He landed a nice right, then a left hook. Pierson landed a good right. Pierson grabbed a clinch, then landed a couple of strikes.Pierson landed a couple of strikes in close. Benoist landed a hard leg kick. Pierson landed a few jabs. He opened a cut by Benoist's left eye. BBenoist then dropped Pierson with a big strike. He pounced and landed several big strikes on the ground. He landed a series of forearms, then moved to mount. He went for a desperation choke, but it allowed Pierson to get to his feet. Benoist landed a few strikes, then Pierson grabbed a clinch. Benoist pressed him to the cage and the fight ended in a clinch.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Benoist. The knock down and follow up strikes took the round for him, but he'll lose the fight.

WINNER: Pierson via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (**) Decent fight. Another that was really sloppy, and not all that technical with their striking, but both showed a lot of heart and left it in the cage.


ROUND ONE: Grant moved across the Octagon as Dunham backed up. Dunham popped in a few times with strikes, but Grant avoided most of them. Dunham again got in with a good exchange. Grant landed a hard knee. Dunham landed a nice right. Grant tagged him back with a left hook, then a leg kick. Grant landed a hard right, then an uppercut. Dunham connected on a left. Grant landed a hard uppercut, ate a right, then landed a hard knee. Grant continued to keep the pressure on as Dunham circled around. They each landed hard strikes in close. Both were landing in a furious exchange. Grant landed another combo. Grant landed a nice right. Grant threw a kick up high that just grazed Dunham. They continued exchanging. Grant landed a nice combo. Grant connected on a huge combo that ended with a knee. Dunham came right back with some nice strikes. Both fighter landed even more strikes as they continued going back and forth. Dunham connected with a nice combo and Grant clinched. Grant landed a nice right, then a couple of straight elbows. Grant landed a couple of knees to the body, then a nice two-punch combo as he separated. Grant landed a couple of good body punches, then continue moving forward. Dunham scored a late takedown. Grant backed him off, and landed an upkick, Grant held him off as the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Grant. Great first round of action. Grant's pressure and accumulation of strikes won out for me despite a late takedown from Dunham.

ROUND TWO: Dunham pressed in with a high kick but it didn't land. He caught a kick and landed a punch. Grant landed a few big strikes. Grant landed a hard right, and Dunham connected as he countered. Dunham landed a leg kick. They each swung wildly, with both missing some strikes. Grant landed a hard knee, then a nice right, and Dunham's forehead was bleeding badly. Grant avoided Dunham's attack, and countered with more strikes. Grant landed a few more, then Dunham countered. Dunham tried to shoot in, but got stuffed. Grant then shot in for a single leg. Dunham held him off, but ate a few strikes for his trouble. He tried to press Grant off, but ate a few more big strikes. Grant continued landing strikes while avoiding much of the big stuff from Dunham. Grant landed a few big knees, then unleashed a few more strikes as Dunham tried to fire himself up. He landed a few strikes, but Grant continued moving in and landing. Dunham landed a good left. Dunham landed a nice right hook. Grant connected on a few nice strikes. Dunham scored another late takedown as Grant tried to hold him off. Grant got to the cage, then got to his feet and blocked a head kick. They traded strikes again as the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Grant. I'm a little nervous as to how the judges are scoring these late, meaningless takedowns, but nevertheless, Grant should be up 2-0 into the third based on a much more damaging attack and pressuring the action.

ROUND THREE: Dunham came out immediately, but got cracked by a few big strikes and pressed back. Dunham's forehead was bleeding profusely already. Dunham threw some big strikes and pressed forward himself. Grant covered up well then landed some nice counter punches before moving forward himself. Dunham landed a nice combination as he got Grant backed up to the cage. Grant landed a hard leg kick and a few good body punches. Grant landed a hard knee to the body. He landed a hard leg kick. They traded strikes again. Grant popped Dunham's head back with a couple. Dunham landed a good left. Grant landed a hard right. He landed a good combo to the body and head. Dunham landed a kick to the body. Grant landed a nice combo. Dunham shot in but got stuffed. Dunham went for a flying knee but it didn't connect. They traded in another wild exchange. Grant shot in but got stuffed. Grant landed a body shot. Dunham landed a short combo. Grant caught a kick. Then landed a strike. They traded punches again. Grant landed another hard left. Grant stuffed another takedown, then caught a kick. They traded punches again. Grant did some nice dodging, but then got taken down again. Grant held Dunham at bay and avoided damage as the round came to an end. Great fight.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-10. The takedown again didn't do much, again, but may have given it to Dunham. That was such an even round, with back and forth action from both, Grant landing a little more from a power standpoint, and then Dunham scoring a takedown. Grant should win this fight, but it will be close.

WINNER: Grant via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (***+) That was a fantastic fight. Both fighters are known for their ground games, but they engaged in a wild, tight, exciting striking battle for three rounds. Great back and forth exchanges, great chins, and lots of damage from both throughout the fight led to a really entertaining bout and the front runner for "Fight of the Night" thus far.


ROUND ONE: Magalhaes clinched up early with Pokrajac and held him tight as he got pressed to the cage. Pokrajac landed a couple of strikes to the body on the cage. Magalhaes landed a couple of knees to the body. He then pulled off a nice trip against the cage to put Pokrajac on his back. He landed a few big strikes from the top as he got into Pokrajac's guard. Magalhaes postured up, then dropped in with a big right and some more strikes in the guard. Pokrajac landed a couple of elbows, but Magalhaes passed to side control with ease. He went for a kimura, then turned it to an armbar. He let it go with Pokrajac in his guard. Pokrajac stood but Magalhaes avoided damage. Magalhaes pulled his leg up for rubber guard. He landed some elbows from the back. Pokrajac then stood up and got out of danger. Pokrajac engaged and landed an elbow in the clinch. Pokrajac landed a few strikes in the clinch. Magalhaes landed a knee to the body. Pokrajac stuffed a takedown attempt as the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Magalhaes. Good ground work, nearly got the submission, but he has to hope he didn't tire himself out there.

ROUND TWO: Pokrajac landed a leg kick early. He threw a kick that was caught, and he clinched. He landed a hard knee to the body. Then another. Pokrajac shot in for a takedown, but Magalhaes got him in a triangle, then went for an armbar. He flipped Pokrajac over and forced an immediate tap, and Pokrajac was hurting. Wow. Beautiful stuff from Magalhaes.

WINNER: Magalhaes via submission (armbar) at 1:14 of the second round

STAR RATING: (**+) Not much to the first round, as Magalhaes tried to work and Pokrajac defended. But Magalhaes' fantastic submission game was on display there.

-Another part of the Jones-Rogan interview was next. Jones continues to confuse the word racism with Chael Sonnen's xenophobic commentary towards Brazil, but his point continues about Sonnen's comments regarding that segment. Jones continued talking about the relief he feels by not needing to be perfect.

-Dana White then came in for the final hard sell with Joe Rogan before the pay-per-view broadcast.

=====Pay-Per-View Broadcast=====

-Rogan and Goldberg welcome the pay-per-view audience, and discuss the Jon Jones situation further. Rogan makes a curious comment regarding Jones getting "nothing but love" from fans prior to his DWI. That doesn't seem accurate. Regardless, first fight on this broadcast should be a blast.


ROUND ONE: Oliveira landed an early jab after checking a leg kick. Swanson landed a good leg kick. Swanson got in a nice left, but Oliveira scored a nice takedown shortly thereafter. Oliveira landed a nice short elbow as Swanson regained guard. He landed a few more strikes, but Swanson then exploded as he attempted to pass and got back to his feet. Oliveira tried to rush in with a combo, but Swanson avoided the strikes. Oliveira got in a knee, then tried a trip but failed. Swanson got in a good body punch. Then another. Oliveira tried walking back, then Swanson came in with a big right over the top. Oliveira cringed, then dropped to the mat. Might have broken the orbital bone there.

WINNER: Swanson via KO at 2:40 of the first round

STAR RATING: (**+) That was an excellent performance from Cub Swanson. He's now got three straight wins, and he's blasting through the competition with decisive finishes in each. Is he simply better than he's been in the past? Perhaps, and he'll get a chance to keep proving he's for real in his next matchup.


ROUND ONE: Hamill rushed straight ahead at Hollett, landing a couple of strikes and kicks. He landed a couple of jabs, then Hollett connected with a strike. Hamill landed a hard leg kick. Hollett landed a right, then got in a good left to the body. Hamill slowed, but continued pressing forward. Hamill landed a hard left. The crowd got a bit restless at the tentative nature of the fight. Hamill landed a couple of short strikes. Hamill then scored a big pickup takedown, and he started landing strikes to the side of Hollett's head as Hollett turtled up. Herb Dean warned the deaf Hamill verbally to watch the back of the head. Hamill continued landing hammerfists and elbows as Hollett could only cover up. Hollett finally got to his feet. He tried to explode on Hamill, then landed a nice right hand after opening a cut under Hamill's eye.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Hamill. Hamill may have punched himself out late, but Hollett didn't do much in the round.

ROUND TWO: Hollett came out with a few early strikes. He threw a spinning back kick to the body. He landed a nice jab. He got in a good body shot. Hamill's arms were heavy from the late round one assault. Hollett got in a good knee, but he got taken down. After a little offense from Hamill on the ground, Hollett kicked him off and got to his feet. They stood across from each other without doing much, and again another vocal round of frustration was expressed by the crowd. After little action on the feet, Hamill scored another takedown to end the round.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Hamill. The takedowns were the only thing of significance, but this fight is awful.

ROUND THREE: Hollett landed some early strikes, but Hamill scored a takedown a minute in. He postured up and dropped down with punches. Hollett turtled up and Hamill continued landing strikes from the side and under the arm. After a couple minutes of exhausted striking attempts from Hamill, Hollett got back to his feet. Not for long, however, as Hamill took him down once more. They were stood up with a minute left as Hamill was resting in Hollett's guard. Hollett missed a strike. An exhausted Hamill drove Hollett to the cage and scored another takedown. The fight mercifully ended with Hamill on top.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Hamill. I guess. The takedowns were all that happened, but even that wasn't much. Bad, boring fight.

WINNER: Hamill via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (*-) Hamill completely gassed himself out, and Hollett still had nothing to offer him. Just a bad fight that really didn't belong on pay-per-view.


ROUND ONE: Stann took the center and Bisping circled to the outside. Stann through a couple of punches with bad intentions, but the didn't hit the mark. They clinched up, and Bisping pressed Stann to the cage. They jockeyed for position for a bit. Bisping landed a knee to the body. They separated a minute into the round. Bisping popped in a couple of quick strikes. Stann landed a leg kick. They each missed a couple of big strikes. Bisping landed a good leg kick, then connected on a jab. He connected on another nice one. Stann got in a punch to the body. Bisping connected on a couple more reaching punches. Bisping shot in and fought furiously for a takedown, but Stann nicely defended, and kept himself standing. Stann landed a couple of strikes in the clinch, then ate a knee. Bipsing landed a hard short elbow, then covered up as Stann threw a few punches in separation. Bisping landed a jab and Stann got in a leg kick. Bisping caught Stann low with a kick and he needed a second. Stann came in with a short flurry and they exchanged punches. Bisping got the better of that. Stann then threw a kick low and Bisping needed a minute of his own to recover. Bisping landed a left and avoided the counter. Stann landed a leg kick. He got in another as he ate a jab. Bisping landed a couple more. He got in a body kick. Stann got in one of his own. Bisping continued connecting on the jab. He shot in once more, but again failed to get it. Stann then landed a huge punch in separation that hurt Bisping. Bisping stayed on his feet, however, and recovered to the end of the round.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Bisping. Had Bisping fallen with that big punch from Stann, he may have lost it, but as it stands he was getting the better of the exchanges throughout the round.

ROUND TWO: Stann threw a couple of strikes early, then landed a leg kick. Bisping got in a good jab. Bisping with a few more jabs. He shot in once more, then picked Stann up and took him down into side control. Great takedown. Stann pulled off a nice sweep, tossing Bisping to his back and getting into his guard. Bisping held control of Stann's body from the bottom, then tried to kick him off. Stann landed a hard hammer fist. Bisping got to his feet and landed a few strikes as he grabbed a clinch. They separated. Bisping landed another hard jab. He got in with a right. Stann landed a leg kick. Bisping connected again with the right. They traded strikes again. Bisping continued to avoid much of Stann's attack while connecting on more punches. Stann landed a nice left hook. Bisping cracked him with a couple more. Bisping shot in, then scored another slam into side control. Bisping tried to attack an arm, then gave it up and landed one strike before the horn.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Bisping. Two great takedowns and still more output on the feet have Bisping ahead into this final round (said comfortably at first, but getting wobbled late could have cost him RD 1).

ROUND THREE: They traded leg kicks early. Bisping ducked under a punch, then scored another takedown. Stann got to his feet quickly this time, though. Bisping landed a nice short combo. They traded strikes. Stann missed an overhand right. Bisping again shot in, but got stuffed. Bisping landed a nice short combo again. Bisping once more shot in, but Stann stopped it again. They battled in the clinch, and traded strikes in close. Stann landed a couple of knees to the body and got separation. Stann landed a body punch. He threw a kick high but it just grazed him. Bisping caught a kick and landed a punch. Bisping landed a couple more jabs. Stann missed on some big punches. Stann landed a good right. Bisping shot in, didn't get it, and clinched. He turned that into a trip into half guard. Stann again worked to his feet and they traded punches. He tried for another takedown, but Stann broke free. Stann threw a few strikes as the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Bisping. Now it should be comfortably Bisping's fight. He landed a lot more punches, and scored a couple more brief takedowns. Stann's best offense came late in the first round, but he didn't really have an answer for Bisping's boxing in this one.

WINNER: Bisping via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

-Bisping gave Stann respect, and admitted Stann hit him pretty hard in the fight.

STAR RATING: (**+) Not a bad fight at all. Not super thrilling, but it was a very good performance from Bisping all-around, out-striking Stann throughout the fight and sprinkling in a surprisingly more adept takedown attack as well. This was easily one of his best performances in the UFC, against one of the better fighters he's faced in the Octagon. He made his case for a top 5 opponent, and one more win could earn him a title fight.


ROUND ONE: Johnson landed a leg kick, then backed away as Benavidez looked to counter. Benavidez tried to cut the distance, then got the clinch after eating a left. They traded knees, and Benavidez landed a nice knee on the break. Benavidez swung wildly and grabbed a clinch. Johnson tried to get Benavidez off of him. They separated again. Benavidez grazed Johnson with a left to the jaw. Johnson got in a good right. Benavidez looked for a takedown but missed. He connected on a right. He landed a body kick. They clinched again with Benavidez pressing Johnson to the cage. Benavidez missed a spinning back fist. Benavidez again closed the distance and grabbed a clinch. He landed a good knee and a punch to the body. Benavidez connected on a body punch. Johnson landed a leg kick. He landed a straight right, but Benavidez kept him against the cage. Johnson shrugged off a takedown attempt and landed a punch. Benavidez landed a short right. Benavidez rolled for a late knee bar and ate a punch.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Benavidez. Very close round, as Johnson was doing a good job avoiding much of Benavidez's attack, but he didn't have a ton of output of his own. Benavidez pressing the action worked in his favor.

ROUND TWO: Benavidez landed a right and scored a clinch. Johnson landed a couple of strikes as Benavidez struggled to connect. Benavidez landed a hard leg kick after a punch, but Johnson got away again. Benavidez landed another right. Johnson landed a leg kick. Benavidez landed a few strikes as he closed distance to the clinch. They traded knees and Johnson broke free. Benavidez landed a nice right as Johnson came forward. Johnson landed a right. Benavidez landed one and a couple of kicks behind it. Johnson got in a leg kick. Benavidez ducked under a strike but couldn't grab the leg. Benavidez landed a leg kick. He landed a hard right. Johnson again avoided a takedown attempt, then landed a knee as Benavidez popped up. Johnson caught a kick, then used it to get Benavidez's back briefly, but Benavidez quickly separated. Johnson landed a leg kick. Benavidez landed a hard left. He cracked Johnson with another left, then a right. He landed a good leg kick as well before the round ended.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Benavidez. Johnson's speed and defense is definitely an asset, but he doesn't have a lot of offense going on in this fight.

ROUND THREE: Benavidez landed a couple of early punches. Johnson again continued to pop away as Benavidez pressed in. Benavidez landed a couple strikes, but missed a head kick. Johnson opened a cut over Benavidez's left eye with a short counter. Benavidez landed a body kick, and Johnson clinched. Benavidez spun loose. Benavidez landed an overhand right. The crowd got a little restless. Johnson landed a strike. Benavidez missed a couple of wild strikes. Benavidez finally scored a takedown, but Johnson popped up. He kept a hold of his back, but Johnson got free again. Benavidez landed a knee on the break. Benavidez landed another two-punch combo. He landed another right. Benavidez got poked in the eye and reacted, but Yves Lavigne didn't give him any time to recover because he said he didn't see it. Ridiculous. Benavidez continued on. The crowd again got restless. Johnson got in a right after stuffing a takedown. Benavidez rushed with a flurry as the round ended. This hasn't been a great fight.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Benavidez. Johnson isn't doing much offensively, and avoidance of offense only gets you so far.

ROUND FOUR: Johnson landed a jab and Benavidez landed an overhand right early. Johnson got in a good strike. Benavidez knocked Johnson down with a big right, then looked for the guillotine choke and moved to the mound as Johnson tried to survive. Benavidez tried to wrench it with one arm, but Johnson survived it. Johnson then went for a leg, but Benavidez got back to half guard. Benavidez passed to side control. Johnson spun out and got to his feet. Benavidez landed a knee. He got a spinning back fist in as they continued clinching. Johnson landed a knee, then got on top as Benavidez tried a takedown. Benavidez got back to his feet and they battled in a clinch. They traded knees and separated. Johnson shot in, but Benavidez quickly spun out to his feet and landed a punch. Johnson scored a takedown, then got into side control. He landed some short elbows. He ended the round with strikes to the body.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Benavidez. Johnson may have stolen it late with that takedown and body strikes, but Benavidez's knockdown and close submission attempt should count more.

ROUND FIVE: Johnson landed a leg kick early. Benavidez caught the next body kick, but couldn't capitalize. They each missed a couple strikes. Johnson scored a takedown, then got Benavidez's back standing. Benavidez stood again, but Johnson took him back down before Benavidez popped up. Benavidez threw a body kick that was blocked. Johnson landed a left. Johnson connected on a good right. Benavidez tried to stuff another takedown, but Johnson got on top. Benavidez turned to his knees, and worked to his feet. Johnson landed a jab. Benavidez landed a left. Benavidez landed a right. Johnson stuffed a takedown attempt. The crowd again booed a bit as the pace slowed. Benavidez landed another right. Benavidez missed a few more strikes. Benavidez stuffed a takedown. He missed a spinning back fist. Johnson landed a left. Benavidez landed a couple strikes. He stuffed another takedown. Johnson landed a knee. The round ended to a mixture of cheers and boos.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Johnson. He had the takedowns, and actually got off with some offense in that round more clearly than any other. It's going to be close, but I think Benavidez should at least have gotten 2-4.

WINNER: Johnson via split decision (48-47, 47-48, 49-46)

STAR RATING: (**) Not a great fight. Johnson is going to be considered in the same vein as Dominick Cruz at 135 lbs., as a Champion who is good at avoiding what his opponents throw at him, but doesn't do much damage of his own. He was landing strikes at times, and was making it hard for Benavidez, but he just wasn't doing much himself until that final round and a half. It just wasn't much fun to watch, and it's not going to help the division draw going forward.


ROUND ONE: Jones crawled over to Belfort and got kicked in the eye. He stood up, then stalked Belfort. He landed a side kick to the leg. The crowd chanted for Belfort. Jones shot in and scored an early takedown. Belfort tried to control Jones' posture. Belfort went for an armbar. It was extremely tight, but Jones survived and got out. Holy hell that almost happened. Jones landed a few elbows back in Belfort's guard. Belfort was cut open from the elbow and he went again for the armbar. Jones landed another elbow as he got out. Jones landed a hard left and continued the assault on the ground. Belfort's face was a mess. Jones continued landing the elbows as Belfort tried to grab wrist control. The crowd again chanted for Belfort. Jones landed several more elbows. Belfort tried to roll for an armbar on the other side and Jones stood up. He checked the time, then landed an axe kick to the body and dropped with a punch to side control.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Jones. Belfort seriously almost pulled that off. That armbar was tight, and Jones very nearly gave the fight away. Credit to Belfort for nearly pulling it off, but Jones' ground and pound took over from there.

ROUND TWO: Jones came across the cage and avoided a head kick. Belfort landed a body punch after a leg kick. Jones went for the Anderson Silva front kick. He landed a punch, then a couple of side kicks to Belfort's lead leg. Jones barely missed the spinning elbow. Belfort went for the head kick and rushed in, though his punches were blocked. Jones went high with a kick but it was blocked. Jones again landed the side kick to the leg. And again. Jones landed another kick to the body, then a nice one to the leg. He continued attacking with kicks to the body, head, and leg. Jones missed a couple of big, winning punches. Belfort was just standing and getting hit. Jones landed the front kick, just not on the button. He dropped his hands and landed a nice combo. Belfort went over the top with a right. Jones clinched, and Belfort pulled guard. Jones went back to elbows on the ground as Belfort was looking for a chance to go for the armbar. Jones landed more elbows from the top. Jones landed some shoulder strikes along with the elbows. Belfort went for a triangle but didn't have time.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Jones. Belfort is waiting for his opportunities, but not doing anything in between. Jones has to be careful not to make any stupid mistakes here to give him an opening.

ROUND THREE: Jones closed the distance immediately. He landed a high kick, just not flush, then continued throwing kicks. He missed a superman punch. Belfort landed an inside leg kick. Jones landed a hard side kick to the body and Belfort dropped to his back. Jones landed an axe kick to the body and dropped into his guard. Jones landed a hard elbow to the face. Jones backed away and made Belfort stand. Jones missed a spinning back kick. He landed another side kick. Jones landed a left. He got in a right. Jones landed a short elbow standing. Belfort closed the distance and they clinched. Belfort pulled guard again. Jones landed more elbows on top. Jones shoved his forearm on Belfort's throat. Jones passed to half guard. He landed a few shoulder strikes and more elbows to the face. Belfort regained guard. Jones landed another hard elbow. The round ended with Jones on top.

Penick's Scorecard: 10-9 Jones. He's dominating right now, but he's still allowing Belfort to hang around. It's time for him to close it out before something crazy happens.

ROUND FOUR: Belfort tried a head kick. Jones landed a few more push kicks. Belfort pulled guard, but Jones popped to side control, then got a mounted crucifix, then wrenched an Americana quickly and forced the submission! Wow. Belfort made this more of a fight than it had any right to be, but Jones still dominated.

WINNER: Jones via submission (Americana) at :54 of the fourth round

-Jones said that Belfort got the armbar in every way, shape, or form. He said he'd never felt his arm pop like that, but he worked too hard to give up. He said he would have let it break before submitting. He said the arm felt numb, didn't feel powerful at all after the armbar in the first round. He said he's got a lot of work to do against southpaws.

-Belfort said he thought he heard Jones' elbow cracking and popping. He said he had a rib injury in training that got hurt further when he took that spinning back kick to the body.

STAR RATING: (***) Belfort made it more thrilling than anyone expected when he nearly took Jones' arm off in the first round. That was an armbar that stops 95% of fights, and Jones fought through the pain to survive. Jones clearly got a little nervous from there, and though he was in the lead at every moment outside of the armbar, he was more wary of Belfort's game. However, stopping the ground and pound attack to go for that submission was another great instinct on Jones' part, and wrenching the hold like he did was crazy, and he now has the most submissions of any 205 lb. fighter in UFC history.

-They re-air Kyle Noke's stoppage win over Charlie Brenneman from the Facebook prelims.

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