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UFC ON FOX 3 PRELIMS LIVE RESULTS: Hansen's round by round report on "Diaz vs. Miller" prelims
May 5, 2012 - 8:00:00 PM

By: Rich Hansen, MMATorch Columnist

Before tonight's UFC on Fox 3 main card, six fights will be shown live during a three-hour preliminary card broadcast on Fuel TV. Join us right here for round by round coverage of all the preliminary card action as it airs on Fuel beginning at 5PM ET, then hop over to Jamie Penick's main card report as the action shifts to Fox at 8PM ET.

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Karlos Vemola defeated Mike Massenzio by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:07 of Round 2

Roland Delorme defeated Nick Denis by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:59 of Round 1



ROUND ONE: Bermudez closed as the very slight betting favorite. Garza has a 7 inch reach advantage on Bermudez. The referee for this fight is Kevin Mulhall. Bermudez throws a big punch and follows up with a double leg. Bermudez gets on top, grabs the neck of Garza, and stands up. Still holding on the neck, he throws knees to the thigh of Garza. 1 minute in. Bermudez lets go, eats a knee, and pushes the much taller fighter back into the cage. The difference in size is jarring, especially with the shorter fighter pressing the taller man into the fence. Big slam by Bermudez, who passes to side control. Garza briefly got a triangle, but Bermudez got out. Half guard, to full guard, for Bermudez. Garza trying to throw elbows from the bottom. Bermudez drags Garza into the cage, and lands a nice body shot. Nice upkick, and another, Bermudez is dazed. Bermudez backs off, Garza pursues, but gets taken down again. Garza on his back, looking for an arm. High guard, looking for a triangle attempt, but it’s not there. Back to full guard with 1:15 left. Garza trying to get back up, but Bermudez is putting his weight on the back of Garza’s nect. Garza finally gets back up. Bermudez has a bloody nose from those earlier upkicks. Puch kick by Garza. Bermudez with a big slam, and then jumps on top. He’s 4 for 4 on takedowns. 10-9 Bermudez

ROUND TWO: Bermudez presses Garza into the cage. Knee by Garza, totally ignored by Bermudez. Bermudez punching the body of Garza. Another big slam, and Garza is on his back. Back into full guard. Garza looking for more upkicks, but Bermudez is ready and slide to side control. Make it half-guard now. Bermudez tries to pass, but gets stuck back in full guard. Everytime Garza throws his legs up for a high guard, Bermudez postures up. Good scouting. Bermudez briefly looked for a D’Arce, but it wasn’t there. Back to full guard. Bermudez working the body. Passes to side control. Nice short elbow to the ear. Bermudez is stacking Garza up against the cage, 1:40 left. Bermudez to his feet. As Garza stands, Bermudez throws a flying knee. Garza comes in, and gets slammed down to the ground. Bermudez is 6 for 6 on takedowns by my count. Which Goldy just confirmed. DRINK! Back to standing. Bermudez presses Garza into the cage and trips him as the round ends. 10-9 Bermudez, 20-18 Bermudez

ROUND THREE: Bermudez works the body, presses Garza into the fence, and throws Garza to the ground when Garza tried to pull guard. Bermudez dives into half-guard. Garza is throwing his legs up, but Bermudez is on his like a dog. Bermudez is content to stay in guard and try to posture, until the ref stands them up with 2:35 left. 5 seconds later, takedown. Missed upkick, and Bermudez lets him stand. 5 seconds later, Bermudez with his 8th takedown in 8 attempts. Bermudez looking to get the mount, but can’t get there. More upkicks, but none are as solid as what he did in that flurry in the first round. Half-guard to mount for Garza. Looking to take his back, he’s got it. Bermudez is looking to slide an arm under Garza’s chin. 30 seconds left. Doesn’t have the choke, but he could get a neck crank here. Regardless, he’s winning this fight. 10-9 Bermudez. 30-27 Bermudez

WINNER: Dennis Bermudez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

STAR RATING: (**-) Not my type of fight. Nothing wrong with it, but it’ll be forgotten before John Cholish steps foot in the cage.


ROUND ONE: Cholish is two inches taller, has a three inch reach advantage, and is the betting favorite, having closed at -145. The referee for this fight is again Kevin Mulhall. 40 seconds in, 1 jab thrown. Yay! Castillo presses Cholish into the cage, lands a couple knees to the thigh, and a knee to the body. Crowd with a slight boo. Cholish gets separation. Cholish has Castillo up against the fence now. Castillo reverses position. Cholish went for a throw, but didn’t land it. Castillo with a couple of knees to the body. And then they separate. This sucks so far. 3 minutes in, not one combination thrown, much less landed. Crowd getting very restless. Nice rights by Castillo, body then head. Nice jab by Cholish, but no follow up. Castillo with two right hands, follows up with a takedown attempt, almost got swept, but nothing came of it. Leg kick by Castillo. This sucks. 10-9 Castillo

ROUND TWO: Cholish with a duck under and a takedown. Can’t get mount, but has half-guard. Castillo with an elbow from the bottom. Trying to stand up, and he’s up. Cholish is a horrible standup fighter. Hand low, no combinations, misses by a mile. Lots of taunting. Awful. Castillo looks bad too. This is weak, weak stuff. Castillo misses badly, Cholish with a duck under and takedown, and Castillo got back up as I was typing that, and lands a knee. I want my money back. Goldberg said this is a very technical standup battle. Please retire. Cholish shoots a double, Castillo stuffs it of course, and grabs his neck. Castillo lets go and Cholish got back up. 1:15 left. Cholish with a running jab as Goldberg talks about how “technical” the standup is. Kill me now. Nice left hand uppercut and right overhand by Castillo. Another running jab by Cholish. Castillo with a heavy takedown as the horn sounds. 10-9 Castillo, 20-18 Castillo Worst fight of the year so far.

ROUND THREE: OK, so it’s not Blanco – Brimage bad. Takedown by Castillo into the fence, and Cholish is back up in 2 seconds. Cholish has Castillo’s neck, but his back is in the fence. All 13 fans in attendance are booing. Castillo on top again. Cholish looked for a leg, couldn’t get it. Cholish pushes back to his feet, but eats a ton of knees to the legs. Back to the middle, and they separate. Congratulations to Cholish for throwing a combination. Sure both punches missed like Leonard Garcia after a double amputation, but still. Goldberg complimenting Castillo for a big swing on a punch that missed. I wish this fight were int eh ECW Arena in 1996 so chairs would be thrown into the cage. Cholish dropped down for a leg with 30 seconds left, lost it, Castillo on top. Some ground and pound as the fight mercifully ends. 10-9 Castillo. 30-27 Castillo

WINNER: Danny Castillo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

STAR RATING: (0*) Brian Hemminger of MMA Mania convinced me after round 2 that this wasn’t the worst fight of the year. After round 3, I am convinced that the fight was even worse than I thought it was after round 2. I hope I never see Castillo or Cholish fight again.


ROUND ONE: Lineker is an inch shorter, but has a four inch reach advantage and has a much better head of hair. Keith Peterson is the third man in the cage. Lineker is throwing like a madman early, same with Gaudinot. Someone teach John Cholish how to fight. These guys are standing in the middle and throwing like crazy. Big hook by Gaudinot, Lineker responds by throwing 42 wild hooks in 8 seconds time. Tha pace has finally slowed a little. Nice body work by Lineker. Lineker has found his range, he’s landing at will right now. Seriously, fire John Cholish. Gaudinot’s hair is untied now, and it’s much wilder than Clay Guida’s. Another flurry from both guys, ending with a Gaudinot head kick. And they are at it again. No way for me to keep up, sorry guys. Gaudinot with the takedown, full guard, and Kineker is throwing heel kicks to the ribs from the bottom. Big elbow from the bottom by Lineker. Gaudinot’s arm is trapped, he hasn’t been able to do anything from the top so far. There he goes with 3 big left hands to the skull. Lineker rolls under and gets a leg, looking for a heel hook. Gaudinot is stuck, but not in danger. Linerker gives it up, and Gaudinot passes to side control. Gaudinot lets him up as the round ends. 10-9 Gaudinot Barely.

ROUND TWO: Lead left head kick by Gaudinot. The pace has slowed heavily, so now they’re only fighting 42 times harder than John Cholish. Lineker is the aggressor right now, working the body, punishing him with uppercuts to the ribs against the cage. Gaudinot clinches and spins Lineker into the cage. They separate. Gaudinot’s corner tied his hair back between rounds, by the way. Lineker has throw 200 punches already, and was on hi back for 2 minutes of the 7 minutes so far. Spinning back fist by Gaudinot. Head body combo from Lineker. Gaudinot shoots and get the takedown. Lineker as landed 121 strikes so far to Gaudinot’s 63. Gaudinot is in full guard with 1:45 left in the round. Elbows from the bottom by Lineker. Elbow from Gaudinot. And another. And more from Lineker now. Lineker’s guard is wide open, but Gaudinot doesn’t care. Gaudinot’s trying to stand as Lineker is looking to get his left leg locked. Gaudinot drops to his knees and throws about 15 straight lefts. None were flush, but after sitting through Cholish, I’ll take it. Lineker trying to stand, he gets up, but gives up the guillotine. Lineker is carrying Gaudinot around, but he’s fading to the guillotine. Lineker collapses, and he’s unconscious. This fight is over.

WINNER: L:ouis Gaudinot by submission (guillotine) at 4:54 of round 2.

STAR RATING: (***+) Hard to judge this fight on its own merits because it was like a zillion times better than the Cholish – Castillo feces-storm that preceded it. This was a ton of fun, and you should search it out immediately.


ROUND ONE: Reach, weight, height, and age are pretty much identical here. Kevin Mulhall is the referee. Active feeling out process early. Nice straight and body kick by Hathaway. Krauss is bleeding from the nose. Big leg kick from Krauss. And a nice combo from Krauss ending with another kick. Hathaway with a big knee that drops Krauss like a bag of bricks, but Hathaway isn’t out. Hathaway tries to finish, but Krauss has recovered. Still 2:30 left. Amazing that Krauss survived that knee. Hathaway postures up and dives back in, but doesn’t land. Hathaway backs off, lets Krauss stand, and follows up with a flying kick to the face. 90 seconds left, and this ahs bene all Hathaway so far. Nice right by Krauss. Duke Roufus calls for a low kick, and Krauss obliges. Another knee from Hathaway but doesn’t hit flush. Takedown by Krauss with a minute left. Half-guard. Hathaway defending well, with good wrist control. Good job by Krauss to recover, prevented a 10-8. 10-9 Hathaway

ROUND TWO: Both guys standing in the pocket early. Flying knee by Hathaway, but Krauss got on his bike and it missed by a mile. Hathaway shoots and gets Krauss on his back. Full guard, near the fence. Hathaway briefly postures up and lands a few punches. Trying to get to side control, but Krayuss is using the fence to his defense, which rhymes. Hathaway sits up and lands a few more solid punches. Krauzz gets to sitting, and Hathaway grabs his neck and shoves him back down. Seated again, but Hathaway is putting a lot of body weight on Krauss’ body. Hathaway standing over Krauss, and Krauss gets back up, eats a knee in the process. 2 minutes left. Krauss pressing forward. Leg kick by Hathaway. Krauss pressing forward, not landing anything flush though. Hathaway has landed 34 significant strikes so far, to Krauss’ 15. Krauss with a nice hook and body clinch. Gets Krauss to the fence working for a single. Hathaway is bleeding from the bridge of the nose. They break with 20 seconds. Nice flurry from both guys before the horn blows. Hathaway looks great. 10-9 Hathaway, 20-18 Hathaway

ROUND THREE: Krauss is working the clinch in the middle of the cage, but nothing comes of it. Hathaway picks up Krauss from a double and plants him. Hathaway on top in the middle. Good place to be, because Krauss has to finish it to win. Nice right from Hathaway. Krauss trying hard to get up, but Hathaway is using his body weight and leverage expertly. Hathaway backs off and lets Krauss stand. Hathaway with another flying knee which landed flush. 2 minutes left. Hathaway is grinning like a Cheshire cat, he knows Krauss has nothing for him, which is saying a lot. Krauss needs to unload, but he can’t get off. Hathaway loves the left knee. Hathaway jogging in a circle, stops and lands a spinning backfist. He’s playing with Krauss at this point. Another flying knee lands, but not as solidly as the others. Krauss has Hathaway against the cage with 45 seconds left, but that’s not going to win him the fight or even the round. Hathaway pushes off and kands a big standing right knee. Hathaway with a big right hands. Hathaway is unloading now. Big flying knee again. Hathaway has never looked better. 10-9 Hathaway, 30-27 Hathaway

WINNER: John Hathaway by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

STAR RATING: (***-) In case you forgot, John Hathaway is a bad mamma jamma, ladies and germs.


ROUND ONE: Elliott is 4 inches taller, and has a 1 inch reach advantage. Keith Peterson is the referee for this fight. 2 quick kicks by Elliott. Both guys missed highlight ninja kicks. Fun. Tons of kicks so far. Elliott catches one, relentlessly holds on to it for a takedown, but just can’t get it. Another kick by Dodson. Big knee to the body by Dodson. Almost caught. Another knee from Dodson. I need me some lumbering heavyweights to write up. Pace has slowed down, thanks dudes. Dodson is starting to stick and move, and landing a counter punch every time Elliott charges in wildly. Dodson catches a high kick, takes him down. Elliott grabbed an arm, so Dodson pulled out and we’re back to standing. Didson missed a flying knee. 1 minute left. Elliott is continuing to come forward, but Dodson is doing all the damage. Including an accidental eye poke just now. Ouch. Doctor is in the cage now. Scratch that, four people are looking him over now. We’re back with 45 seconds left. Whew. Dodson is landing 3 for 1 every exchange. Big knee. Elliott is wild. Missed with a spinning backfist and ate a knee to the head. Dodson is so fast. 10-9 Dodson

ROUND TWO: Touch of gloves to start the round. Elliott’s eye is so red. Elliott with a cartwheel. Not a kick, just a cartwheel. Dodson caught him and shucked him aside. Stoopid. Big knee by Dodson. Elliott with a solid left hand. Head kick and knee by Dodson. Elliott is 4 inches taller, but crouches low to minimize his height advantage. Stoopid #2. Nice punch kick combination by Dodson. Have I mentioned that Elliott has really bad braids? 2 minutes into the round. Dodson misses a short standing elbow that had lethal intentions. Nice standing knee off of a jab by Dodson. Elliott responds with a good left. Elliott continues to press forward maniacally. Elliott sprinting forward with punches, and Dodson avoids each one of them. Elliott just ate a shot to the balls, and we’re stopping again. Back to action, and they hug before throwing bombs. Dodson picks up Elliott and gets a slam, but Elliott back up fast. Nice knee by Elliott. 10-9 Dodson. 20-18 Dodson Close round.

ROUND THREE: Elliott and Dodson come out wild to begin. Elliott clinches, lands two knees to the body from a clinch, and Dodson shoves him to his back. Dodson likely has a broken hand, based on Joe Rogan’s recollection of Dodson’s conversation with Greg Jackson between rounds. His left. Nice knee by Dodson. The pace has slowed, at least in part because Dodson won’t commit to throwing a left hand. A lot of bad arm punches from both guys. This fight is devolving, but they get a pass considering how awesome the first 10 minutes were. Nice punch to the face by Elliott. Dodson committed to a takedown, didn’t get it. 2 minutes left. Dodson lands a nice left body kick to the ribs. Right hook, left knee combo by Dodson. 90 seconds left. Elliott keeps coming forward, Dodson keeps circling, and not throwing the left. Nice combo by Elliott. Dodson throws a left kick, Elliott catches the heel, and Elliott lands about 500 punches while holding on to Dodson’s foot. And then it happened again. Well done by Elliott. 10-9 Elliott. 29-28 Dodson

WINNER: John Dodson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

STAR RATING: (***) We’re going to see a lot of flyweight fights just like this one. Fast as hell, tons of action, going to decision. If you like action, you’re going to like the division.


ROUND ONE: Same heights, but Ferguson has a 2 inch reach advantage here. Dan Miragliota is in charge of this fight. Johnson with 2 leg kicks in the first 30 seconds. One of them landed with a good thud. Nice flurry in the middle. Ferguson throws a leg kick and slips, but nothing bad comes of it. Big body kick by Johnson. Johnson knocks Ferguson down with a left punch, but Ferguson got back up right off. Johnson had been primarily kicking til that point, so it surprised Ferguson. Ferguson keeps coming forward, and Johnson keeps circling and landing kicks. Johnson is quite impressive so far, and is doing well mixing it up. Fans are starting to chant ‘Boring.’ A little ufair, but they did follow some flyweights, so there you go. Round ends with a nice flurry by Ferguson, but… 10-9 Johnson

ROUND TWO: Lots of circling, no one is willing to pull the trigger. Ferguson doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do with an active Johnson. Leg kick by Ferguson, checked easily. Nice uppercut by Ferguson, but Johnson shook it off. Body kick by Johnson, right to the arm and rib area. The crowd is starting to lay waste to this fight. They’re too unengaged to boo loudly. 2 minutes left, and I haven’t written that much. Big left by Johnson. 1 minute left. Nice kick by Johnson. They’re active, but not throwing a lot. Fred Astaire might have trained both guys coming into this fight. Ferguson is trying to cut off the cage, but it’s kinda round, so good luck with that. Front kick by Ferguson. Super close round. 10-10 I’ve given out 3 10-10 rounds since June of 2011.

ROUND THREE: Couple leg kicks by Ferguson. Johnson caught the second and made Ferguson pay with a good combination of punches. Both guys are still bouncing on their toes. Johnson caught another Ferguson leg kick and made him pay again. Ferguson is getting tagged every time Johnson catches a leg kick. Johnson has outlanded Ferguson on significant strikes 53-33. right body kick by Ferguson followed by a big right that staggers Johnson, but Ferguson didn’t even think of following up, and Johnson recovered quickly. That might have been a huge mistake. Johnson is back to full mobility. Nice left by Johnson. And again. Johnson has never used and angles this well. Smart gameplanning here. Less than 2 minutes to go in the round. Johnson’s left hand has been the difference so far. It found a home half way through the second, and has been on ever since. Flying knee by Johnson in the middle of a flurry of punches. Ferguson eats another left. Another huge left that really snapped Ferguson’s head back violently. 10-9 Johnson. 30-28 Johnson

WINNER: Michael Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

STAR RATING: (**) Johnson’s third round performance saved this fight. He looked like a different fighter than we’ve ever seen before. Ferguson was exposed as a straight line fighter who wins fights with killshot power. He has to adapt.

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