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Local Scene: Carter's Live Report - REALITY FIGHTING at Mohegan Sun
Oct 8, 2011 - 7:56:01 PM
Local Scene: Carter's Live Report - REALITY FIGHTING at Mohegan Sun

By Alvin Benjamin Carter III, MMATorch Specialist

Reality Fighting Championship's twelve bout fight card is taking place live at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT. Tonight's main event features twelve time UFC Veteran Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga vs. Reality Fighting’s Heavyweight Champion, Parker Porter. The title is on the line. Check back frequently for updates and round by round coverage of tonight's card.

Fight 1: Joe Boxer vs. Steve Carr

Round 1:

Both men rush in early and Carr is put on his back with a punch. He pops up and engage. Boxer takes car down, and then lets him up. They clinch and Car works his knees. He gets Boxer with a good knee to the mouth. They trade clinch knees and break. Boxer goes for a takedown, and Carr stuffs and puts him against the cage. Carr dirty boxes. Boxer gets off the cage and takes Carr down. Boxer is working in guard, but Carr seems to be doing more damage. He is looking for a triangle and now he has it on. Carr is elbowing Boxer in the head while the triangle is locked. Boxer is striking and trying to get out of this. Boxer eventually taps.

Winner - Steve Carr via Submission (Triangle) - Rd. 1

Post Fight - Steve Carr said he came out to win a (expletive) fight, and he did.

Fight 2: Eric Lee Vs. Kyle “Kyote” Rozewski

Round 1:

Lee takes Rozewski down after catching his leg. He works from guard and tries to pass. He gets side control, but Rozewski shrimps and attempts to push off the cage. Now Lee has a mounted north-south and continues to work ground and pound. He transitions to side and then lands in half guard. Lee has Rozewski’s head against the cage and he struggles for mount, but stays in half until the bell rings.

Round 2:

Both men take it to the ground early and they get stand up at a stale mate.. The clinch and Lee attempts a hip toss. Rozewski then ends up on top and works from in Lee’s half guard. He has Lee against the cage, and Lee slaps on an armbar. Rozewski stands up to fight it, but it is too late.

Winner - Lee via Submission (Armbar) - Rd. 2

Fight 3: John Naples Vs. Terin Swanson

Round 1:
They come out to a fire fight. They are swinging WILDLY against the cage. It looks like Swanson tries to pull guard of a clinch and Naples slams him down. Naples works ground and pound in Swanson’s guard. Naples picks him and slams him in guard again. Swanson goes for a triangle and Naples slams him hard again. Swanson is out cold and the fight is over. There was a punch for good measure but it might have helped to revive Swanson a bit.

Winner - John Naples via KO (Slam)

Fight 4: Leroy Derricott Vs. Jeremy Ross

Round 1:

Ross opens with an inside leg kick that glances Derricott. Derricott gets a nice takedown and works to side control. Ross stands up. They clinch on the cage and Ross lifts Derricott and slams him, Derricott put a guillotine on while this was happening. Ross is out and is stacke dup. He moves to side control. Derricott gets to his feet and takes Ross down. Ross puts on a guillotine of his one and Derricott posts out. Now Ross goes for a triangle and Derricott escapes. Ross works up and lands a big knee. Derricott seems out gets on his feet as he swings wildly. They exchange and then Derricott gets a takedown. Ross sweeps and works for a crucifix, but takes Derricott back instead. He applies the rear naked choke and Derricott taps.

Winner- Leroy Derricott via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)

Fight 5: Jason Ward Vs. Eric Sommers

Round 1:

Ward comes out heavy and Sommers engages. They trade hard strikes and then Ward gets caught. It makes him angry and they swing for the fences until they both hit the fence. Ward gets Sommers down and lands some beastly shots in guard. He slams Sommers. Sommers tries and armbar and gets slammed by Ward again. They stand up and the ref warns Sommers about holding the cage. Ward tales Sommers again and works ground and pound and then goes for a guillotine. Sommers sweeps and is on top in half guard. He works to side control. He gets mount and unloads on Ward, but the bell rings.

Round 2:
Ward comes in with a hook. Then he gets a big cross. Sommers is jabbing, but he seems to be out of gas. Both are winded a bit. Ward stops a clinch with a shovel hook to the body. Ward throws a leg kick and it is checked by Sommers. Sommers counters with a left-right combo. Ward lands another big hook to the body. The ref stops for a cup shot. They resume and both mean exchange hands. Ward is get the bigger shots in, and BAM! He levels Sommer with a left hook. They ref lets it continue and Ward gets on top and pounds away as Sommers tries to get up, but eventually the ref stops it as Sommers is not defending himself.

Winner - Jason Ward via TKO - Rd. 2

***A fight breaks out in the stands that could make for fight of the night. A chunk of the pretty packed house seems to be escorted out.

Fight 6: Eric Bedard Vs. Dane Grove

Round 1:

Bedard lands a cross and a big left hook that puts Grove down early. He swarms and unleashes. But Grove gets back up. They clinch on the cage, and Grove gets a few good shots in. They exchange again. Both are landing what should be night ending shots, and then Bedard shoots for the takedaown and Grove stuffs and lands in mount. Bedard gives up his back, and Grove tries to put his hooks in. Bedard escapes out the back door. Grove pressures and lands some big shots, but Bedard counters and then puts Grove down with a big hook to the chin! He gets on tops and strikes Grove to a verbal submission.

Winner - Eric Bebard via Submission (Verbal submission to Strikes)

Fight 7: Dwight Grant Vs. Erik Purcell

Round 1:

Grant rushes out with a right and Purcell is down and out. Grant lands some punches on the ground and the ref dives end to end it.

Winner - Dwight Grant via TKO (Punches)- Rd. 1 - 0:14 Fast!

*** There was an intermission with a "Glee" type of performance from an area song and dance troop.***

Fight 8: Lightweight Championship: Matt Bessette (C) vs. Joe Proctor

Round 1:

Proctor takes the center of the cage. They feel each other out and then Proctor goes in with a flurry. He shoots and Bessette tries to hold him off. Proctor completes the takedown. Bessette holds on tight in guard.Proctor has Bessette 's head against the cage. Bessette looks for an armbar as Proctor posts up. Proctor is back in Bessette's guard after the failed submission attempt. Proctor stands up and lands some big shots while Bessette is on the ground. He falls back in guard. Bessette works his way to his feet and they trade and Proctor takes him down against the cage again. Proctor works side mount. Bessette gets guard then wall walks up through punches. Bessette works knees in the clinch and Proctor walks through to the and pushes him to the cage. Bessette lands some good shots to the head and the bell rings.

Round 2:

Bessette runs in for a flying knee and Proctor tosses him off. Wow, that was looking very "Ong Bak" like attempt that left him very open. They engage and Bessette pulls guard as they both go down. Proctor has Bessette on the cage and is working strikes from the top. Proctor stands up to unleash, but Bessette shrimps and Proctor gets back in guard. Bessette is looking for a submission, but he gets up and eats a knee on the way up. They clinch on the cage and Bessette gets the takedown. Bessette takes his back and works to get hooks in. He finally does and rolls. Proctor is defending with 1:30 left on the clock. Bessette punches and elbows the body while the body lock is on. He tries to work his hands in for the choke, but Proctor is holding both telephones to his ears and is defending. Bessette Sits up and reposition his hooks and Proctor sweeps! Proctor lumbers over and then walks back letting Bessette stand. Bessette lands a late punch at the end of the round. He apologies.

Round 3:

Proctor punchers through one of Bessette's combos and knocks him back with a right to the chin. Bessette then works Proctor to the cage and tries to take him down with a single leg. Proctor shoes balance and hops around and eventually shrugs Bessette off. Bessette lands a front kick to Proctor's mouth. Not much was on it, but it makes me think Seagal is in his corner. They clinch against the cage and Bessette is winning the dirty boxing war. They break to the center and Prockr works a high knee in. Bessette lands two uppercuts against the cage and goes for a single leg. Proctor keeps his balance and Bessette pulls guard. Proctor lets him up. They clinch again and Bessette lands two big knees. Bessette has Proctor against the cage, and he is landing big knees. Bessette is almost caught in a guillotine and Proctor holds on as he bucks. Then Proctor lets him up again. They clinch and Bessette is landing brutal knees. They slug it out and the ref pulls them off as the bell rings.

Round 4:
Bessette ducks under a combo and then he eats a knee. They clinch and Proctor eats a knee. He returns with a combo and then shoots on Bessette. He eventually tosses Bessette down and Bessette lays on his back an waits. The ref stands him up. Bessette comes in with a low kick and then a jab cross combo. They clinch and he is working knees to the inner thigh up against the cage. They dirty box and Bessette lands a knee to the mouth as they break. Proctor walks i with a right. Bessette lands a push kick to the stomach and then throws a slow spinning back kick. Bessette lands a hard leg kick and Proctor counters with a combo. Proctor lands a jab and Bessette gets a stiff right hook. Bessette shoots and gets Proctors leg. They lay against the cage and then down goes Proctor. Bessette works his ground and pound. The round ends.

Round 5:
Bessette is working his jab and then he takes Proctor down. He is trying to pass guard with Proctor's back against the cage. Proctor lands an up kick. Bessette hrows a diving body shot, and then Proctor is up. They clinch against the cage again and break. Bessette lands a lead leg kick to the head. Proctor stunned him and then went in for a combo and a takedown. Bessette is holding tight in guard. Proctor stands up. Bessette misses a low kick and then jabs in. Proctor clinches and lands a hard knee. he goes for a head lock and Bessette pulls guard. Proctor strikes and Bessette attempts an armbar. Proctor stands up and they go all out for the last seconds of the fight. The bell rings.

Winner - Joe Proctor via Unanimous Decision

Fight 9: Bantamweight Championship: Johnny McLaughlin (C) vs. Emil Haddad

Round 1:
McLaughlin takes the center of the cage and they feel each other out. Haddad gets the takedown and is busy on top. McLaughlin has a tight guard but Haddad stands up and strikes. McLaughlin works his way up and they clinch on the cage. Haddad lands a superman punch and slips a jab to land a low kick. Haddad is slipping punches and lands a big knee in the clinch. McLaughlin cannot seem to find his mark as Haddad is slipping and countering. Haddad with a big right. Haddad lands a big knee. McLaughlin lands an overhand right to the mouth of Haddad. McLaughlin works for a takedown and it gets reveresed and Haddad tries. They break and high five each other as Haddad is bloodied. McLaughlin lands an uppercut to the face. McLaughlin lands a kick to the chest as the bell rings.

Round 2:

They are swinging wildly, but not landing much. McLaughlin lands a body shot and works a combo off of it. These guys are moving like they are fresh. McLaughlin lands a right hook as Haddad lands a right uppercut. They exchange and miss. Haddad keeps slipping punches and McLaughlin gets him to the cage. Haddad tries a trip to a hip toss and McLaughlin stays on his feet. Blood is poor from Haddads face from. It ha been since the end of the first round. He smiles... and then they exchange hooks. Haddad takes the center and stalks, both reset. Haddad is slipping punches left and right, but he is not countering. His knows is till running blood and his breathing looks a bit off. McLaughlin shoots and Haddad stuffs.Haddad cannot seem to land anything clean on him. McLaughlin throws a high kick that is blocked and then a looping over hand that is block. The bell rings.

Round 3:

McLaughlin throws a lead leg high kick, and it is blocked. Haddad lands a devistating head kick and the fight is over!

Winner - Haddad via Knock Out (Head Kick)- Rd. 3

***McLaughlin is fine, but he is stretchered out for precautionary reasons.

Heavyweight Championship: Parker Porter (C) vs. Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga

Round 1:

Gonzaga attempts a combo, and Porter evades. They are feeling each other out. Gonzaga lands a right. Gonzaga hits his cup and action stops. Gonzaga lands a combo as Porter is moving back. Porter lands a left hook. Porter with a straight to follow. Gonzaga with a leg kick.Porter gets two to Gonzaga's face as he backs up.Porter with a three punch combo, and Gonzaga answers with an overhand right. Gonzaga hits a leg kick.

Round 2:

Porter jabs and works his low kicks. Gonzaga is moving and jabbing himself. Gonzaga with a hard leg kick. Porter comes in with a great combo and Gonzaga covers up. They push back and Gonzaga throws a kick on the break that misses. Porter is chasing Gonzaga and landing jabs and hooks. He throws a cross and that lands. Gonzaga finally replies with an overhand. Porter is punching right through Gonzaga, and Gonzaga does not seem to have much of an offense at the moment. Porter with a stiff rear leg kick. Gonzaga is defending as Porter is swing for the fences with every combo. Gonzaga is back pedaling and Porter is going for broke. Gonzaga lands a big leg kick as the bell rings.

Round 3:
Proctor opens with a two-piece combo; Gonzaga blocks. Gonzaga goes on the offensive and lands a big right hook and Porter is down. Gonzaga swarms and unleashes his hands and then he shoots in and takes him down. He mounts and works fierce ground and pound. Porter rolls over and give sup his back. Gonzaga works some strikes and gets his hands in for the choke. He hops to side control with an arm triangle locked in and Porter taps.

Winner: Gabriel Gonzaga via Submission (Arm Triangle)- Rd. 3

Post Fight: Gonzaga says he wanted to stand with him to challenge himself. He thinks Porter was really good on his feet.

That was an exciting night of fights. Mostly finishes and the pace was pretty active all the way through. Keep looking to for your UFC 136 Live Coverage.

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