INTERVIEW: Dan Lauzon Talks About His UFC Debut, His UFC Future and His Brother Joe's Participation in TUF 5
By Joshua Borell, MMATorch Contributor
Mar 18, 2007, 16:10

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Dan "the Upgrade" Lauzon is bursting into the MMA world. At just 18 years old, he has six fights under his belt with four victories all coming by way of submission. This talented fighter is one with a long term upside and his star is just beginning to rise.

Joshua Borell: You were a perfect 4-0 when you were contacted by UFC. Were you surprised to hear from them and did they name your opponent right away?

Dan Lauzon: Well, the UFC called and asked Joe to take the fight since he was coming off a huge win over Jens and they told us right away it was Spencer Fisher. But, Joe had taken time off after that fight. So he wasn't in fighting shape. But my manager told them about me and they said they would call back. When they called back they told him if we want the fight, it’s on. Of course, we couldn't turn it down.

Borell: After you scored the takedown early, it seemed like you were doing very well. Then Spencer scrambled to his feet and emerged victorious. When you had him on his back, were you in control or did your nerves kick in and affect your performance?

Lauzon: I wasn't nervous going into the fight. I was calm and felt prepared. I knew my cardio wasn't where it needed to be and I knew if I was going to win, I needed to finish it early. However, I wasn't able to end the fight and cardio kicked in and I gassed.

Borell: How have you stepped up your training for the next time you get a call from UFC?

Lauzon: I'm training more than ever before. I'm working constantly by improving my boxing and stepping up my cardio. So I won't gas out again. Nothing feels worse than losing a fight because you didn't have the cardio.

Borell: Have you been in contact with the UFC? Is there any talk going on about you for any upcoming cards of theirs?

Lauzon: They were more than happy to give me another fight after my fight with Spencer. But I turned it down because I wanted more experience before stepping up to fight another top lightweight. Then I lost down in Atlantic City, to #2 ranked lightweight Devidias Taurosivicious. He fought Frankie Edgar to a decision. So I was released from the UFC, but they are still interested in me because I am so young and can only improve.

Borell: Well, it's just been officially released that your brother is on the cast of The Ultimate Fighter Season 5. Did you audition and does his success drive you to improve? Is there severe sibling rivalry?

Lauzon: Yes, Joe will be on TUF 5. The UFC, also, wanted me to be on the show. However, Spike wouldn't allow it because I’m under 21 and there's alcohol in the house and there was some trouble with that on TUF 2. We push each other to be a better fighter. I always want to beat him and he wants to beat me. So we train that much harder. There's no better training partner than your own brother.

Borell: Where and when is your next fight?

Lauzon: Nothing's official yet. But it looks like I’ll be fighting late April in Mass.

Borell: Is there anything you want readers to know about you?

Lauzon: Remember my name I'm going to be around a long time.

Borell: Any last words?

Lauzon: I'd like to thank my sponsors, Deathwish Inc. Sprawl Fight Short Company, NAGA, Northeast, and MassMMA. Also, like to thank my training partners at Team Aggression, Bishop's Boxing and Fitness, and my coaches Joey Pomps, HollyWood Steve Maze, Eddie Bishop, and my brother Joe. To all my fans, Thanks for the support.

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